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Vali-Asr Cable Bridge

Vali-Asr Cable Bridge


21 June 2017

Shiraz , Iran

Overview Project

Shiraz is known as the city of history and antiquity, the city of poetry and literature, and the city of blossoming and orange spring. In the meantime, it may not be without grace to see modern elements in the middle of this city, which shows the contemporary life and the presence of technology in this city. Vali-Asr Cable Bridge is one of the longest and largest cable-stayed bridges in the country and the first single-pylon or single-tower bridge in the country, and it was put into operation in 1996 in Shiraz city. This bridge connects Salman Farsi Boulevard to Zainabieh Boulevard in the north-south axis and Modares Boulevard to Karim Khan Zand Boulevard in the east-west axis. The structure of Vali-Asr Cable Bridge is made of a combination of pre-tensioned cables, a back-and-forth bridge bridge mounted on 52 pillars and a 63-meter-high pylon. Due to the existence of the subway under this bridge and the increase in the distance between the columns, the design of this bridge is cable-stayed. This bridge has beautiful and eye-catching lighting at night, and the presence of this lighting makes it have its unique beauty both during the day and at night.

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