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Trump name controversy

Trump Towers Istanbul, nestled in the heart of Şişli, Istanbul, represent a striking architectural fusion of opulence and functionality. Standing as a testament to the collaboration between Turkish tycoon Aydın Doğan and former U.S. President Donald Trump, these twin towers boast a unique blend of residential and commercial spaces. Designed by the acclaimed Austrian architect Brigitte Weber, the complex comprises an office tower, a residential tower housing over 200 luxurious residences, and a vibrant shopping mall housing around 80 shops and a multiplex cinema.

During its inception, the project garnered attention with the active involvement of Ivanka Trump, who played a significant role in promoting and selling residences from 2007 to 2009. The grand launch event in April 2012 witnessed the presence of both Donald Trump and Turkish Prime Minister (later President) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, underscoring the project’s significance on both local and international fronts.

Originating from a licensing partnership between Miami-based developer Adi Chabli and Trump, the project underwent transitions before finding its current form under the stewardship of Doğan Holding. Notably, the residential tower boasts the distinction of hosting Turkey’s sole collective wine cellar, meticulously crafted by Focus Wine Cellars, adding a touch of sophistication to the complex’s allure.

In December 2015, reports surfaced that Aydın Doğan, the Turkish proprietor of the building, was exploring legal avenues to distance the property from its association with The Trump Organization. This move followed remarks by then-U.S. presidential candidate Trump advocating for a “temporary ban on Muslims from specific countries” entering the United States.

During a radio interview in the same month, Trump acknowledged a potential conflict of interest in dealing with Turkey due to his ownership of Trump Towers Istanbul. He remarked on his familiarity with Turkey, emphasizing the significance of the twin towers in Istanbul’s skyline.

In August 2018, Aytun Ciray, the general secretary of Turkey’s Iyi Party, a prominent opposition faction, urged President Erdoğan’s administration to take possession of Trump Towers as a form of protest against the Trump Administration’s imposition of sanctions on Turkish government officials.

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